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As my work is close contact with people I always need to maintain a high level of hygiene for my kit, equipment and working environment. With Covid-19 around you will be pleased to know I am taking additional steps to ensure there is minimal risk of any contamination to each other and my kit.

With extra measures put in place I will be allowing extra time for each person. This will allow me to sanitize my products, clean my work area and ensure everything is as it needs to be before the next person.


Before your appointment

I need to ask that when you come to me for your trial or beauty treatment that it is only yourself that comes along to the appointment. I realise that this may not be what you had wanted if you are having a hair and make-up trial and wanted to ask a friend or family member’s opinion and have them there to enjoy the experience with you. I am more than happy if you would like to video call once we have finished your final look so they can be part of the fun too.

I will send you a Covid-19 health questionnaire to fill out 24 hours before your appointment. This is to check you have no symptoms before your appointment.


During your appointment.

I will ask you to use sanitising hang gel when arriving for your appointment (Provided my myself)

I will also ask you to wear a face covering for your appointment (provided by myself unless you prefer your own). This can be removed for facial treatments.

I will be wearing a face covering, face shield and also disposable aprons.

There will be a QR code for track and trace available for you to scan.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me to talk through everything.

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