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10 Things to think about when booking your Hair & Make-Up Artist

Choosing a Hair and Make-Up Artist can be quite daunting. There are so many talented people offering bridal services now, so I have put together a list of common questions I get asked to hopefully help with your decision.

1. Do they have the right experience?

How much experience does the Hair & Make-up Artist have? Make-up and hair services can vary so much so it’s important that the person you choose has experience in bridal looks. Hair-dressing in a salon can be a lot more colour and cutting and less styling the hair up. (Saying that some salons will have certain hair stylist who will be more experienced in bridal styling). Bridal make up needs to be the right balance of being strong enough for the photos and to last the day but also comfortable for the bride to wear. You need to make sure your hair and make-up artist is experienced and works regularly on bridal looks.

2. Evidence of their work & testimonials

Always make sure you can see images of ‘real brides’ they have worked with. It’s the best way to see people’s skills. Reading testimonials from previous brides will give you an idea of the quality of service that will be offered and it will give you an insight into the hair and make-up artist’s personality.

3. Do I only need one hair and make-up artist?

Make-up and hair styling can take 45 mins or more per person, so depending on how many people require the services, an assistant hair and make-up artist may be required. Quite often hair & make-up artists will have a team of other freelancers that will come and assist on larger bookings. It’s always a good idea to discuss your requirements before confirming a booking, so you know their services are available for all that need them. Sometimes, there may also be a difference in price with another hair and make-up artist assisting so make sure this is clarified before confirming your booking.

4. Do they provide a trial and what does that include?

It is very important for the bride to have a trial. You need to find out what is included in your trial. For example:

  • Will the full hair style and make-up be applied or will it be more of a chat about what you’d like?

  • Will you be able to try out different ideas and looks? How long will the trial take?

  • If the trial takes longer than expected will you be charged extra?

  • How close to the wedding do they recommend you have your trial?

Ideally having your trial 6-8 weeks before the wedding (when you should have a clear idea of the style you would like) will give you time to purchase anything you may need to enhance your bridal look. Hair accessories or maybe a lipstick to use later in the day are normally items you will need.

5. Insurance / Health & Safety

By checking your hair and make-up artist is insured, you will know they will be fully qualified and follow a high standard of health and safety.

6. If they increase their prices after you have booked them will you need to pay the new prices?

Some brides like to book their suppliers a couple of years in advance. Most likely in this time the supplier will increase their prices. It is important to confirm that the prices you are quoted are fixed, so there are no hidden surprises closer to your special day.

7. At what point will the hair and make-up artist leave?

It would be a good idea to find out when your hair and make-up artist will leave you on your wedding day. Some hair and make-up artists offer to stay until you are in your dress and some will offer an additional service and stay until after the ceremony.

8. Will they come to you on your wedding day?

It’s a good idea to check your hair and make-up artist will come to you on your wedding day and if there will be any travel charges to pay.

9. What's in their kit?

You might want to find out what brands of make-up are used by the make-up artist. It’s nice to know that there is a variety of products available and not just one brand.

10. Would they be able to use your make up if you wanted?

Some people find they can be extremely sensitive to cosmetics. In this case it might be better if you used your own make up but still have it applied professionally.

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