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Wedding fairs??

It's that time of year when many wedding venues open their doors to loving couples, show off their beautiful surroundings and give couples the chance to meet local wedding suppliers.

Firstly, once you have found a supplier you are interested in, find out their availability for your wedding date and also check what will happen if you need to postpone your wedding. Fingers crossed, this will not have to happen but if it did, at least you know what your supplier has promised. For example, if they are not available on the new wedding date, would they help you source another supplier? Do you get a refund for your deposit?

Although it may not be possible to meet suppliers in the normal way, you could always see about meeting at a Covid-19 secure coffee shop or even at your wedding venue to have a chat through your requirements. If you don't fancy going out unnecessarily, you could always see if they will have a video call with you so you get to see them face to face.

Discuss when trials or taster sessions will happen. For bridal hair and make-up, I usually recommend 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding but recently I have suggested to have the trial session a couple of weeks before the wedding. This is because I have had a few brides have their trial before more restrictions have been put in place and they have ended up postponing their wedding for another year or so.

Lastly, if you do need to postpone your wedding to the following year will there be a price increase or do you still get the price originally quoted?

I hope that helps a little more with all the planning. This time of year, I usually arrange a little wedding fair of my own, that shows off the wedding suppliers in my home town. I would highly recommend any of these suppliers... Hopefully you will be able to join us for our next 'All About the Bride' evening, once Covid-19 restrictions allow.

Obviously myself for hair & make-up:

Hen parties and catering:

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